6th HILux / InterNations Charity Tennis Tournament

This fundraiser is completed. Many thanks to all the organizers, participants, volunteers and sponsors!
6ème HILux / InterNations Charity Tennis Tournament
€ 1,126
Funds raised
66 %
Goal : € 1,684
Organizer : Handicap International & InterNations
Completion date : July 31st, 2020


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We had to reschedule the Tennis Tournament due to the measures taken by the government in order to stop the spread of the epidemic.

The beginning of the Tournament is set on July, 1st ! It will last for 3 months, until September, 30th.

End of registrations : June, 28th

We regret any inconvenience this may have caused to you but your health and safety is our highest priority.

If you have any question, feel free to contact us!

The 2020 edition will raise funds to help a child getting access to education for a year in Nepal. Let’s do this together!

Game, set and match. Ready?

How to register ?

Click on the “Sponsor this fundraiser” button and make a gift of at least 20 € to validate your registration. Amount of the gift are free but traditionally we observed during last editions that players do not only have good forehand and backhand but also a big heart!

You need new balls, tennis dress, shoes or the racket of your idol? Imagine that with the same amount you can improve the life of several children by supporting 5 types of actions run by HI:
Impacts of your participation:

I register: 20 €

A week at school : 32 €

A prothesis to go to school : 48 €

Adapted material for a blind child : 55 €

Make a school accessible : 100 €



Tournament rules

• There will be 3 types of groups based on the level of the players (low, mid and high). Here are the criterias for your tennis level. Afterward the organizers will compose the groups according to the levels.

• All players of one group are going to play against each other within 12 weeks.

• The players have to agree upon the date and the place of their matches.

• Participants will play only singles and the normal playing time will be 1 hour, but players can decide to play longer.

• We are not playing the set system, but only counting the games (a result of 12 – 8 for instance is possible).

• The final winners of the groups are the players with the best win-loss ratio. If this is equal for more players, we are going to look at the ratio of the number of games won and lost.

Personal messages from supporters
Happy to support a good cause and be part of tennis lovers group! Good luck everyone!
Let's enjoy playing tennis for a good cause! =)
Reza 50 €
Let’s play tennis for good 😊
Hope for the best tournament.
Fabio 48 €
good tournament to all
Let's all have fun for a good cause
Let the best win.
Robrecht 20 €
May the force be with you!
Martin 48 €
Already 2 years I'm participating to this really nice event and good cause, I'm super happy to keep participating !
Hope we have another great tournament for a good cause!
Thank you for your initiative and all your efforts!
Thanks for organizing. It is a lot of fun!
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